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Cadet Smirk
15 June 2005 @ 11:44 am
Rules for MilBloggers in Iraq
LCDR Smash has a must-read entry for all milbloggers:
New regulations for milbloggers were released in April by the headquarters of the Multi-National Corps in Iraq.

At this point, the policy only applies to units assigned to Iraq. All personnel are required to register their websites with their chain of command. There is no "pre-screening" or "censorship" policy. However, all commanders are responsible to ensure that the following "prohibited information" is not published:

1. Classified information

2. Casualty information before the next-of-kin has been formally notified by the Military Service concerned.

3. Information protected by the Privacy Act.

4. Information regarding incidents under ongoing investigation.

5. For Official Use Only information.
Smash also has a .pdf copy of the full reg available. While this only applies to units in Iraq, the rules are worth following even stateside. Check it out.

(cross-posted to afrotc and usmilitary)

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