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Summer Revamp

Whew. I've spent the past couple of days redesigning and revamping the journal. If you're reading this from your LJ friends page, take a second to click over to my main journal page and give the new layout a once-over.

You'll notice the pop art styling inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. I've been using a frame from "The Enemy" as my default userpic for awhile now, but this new layout takes my love of Lichtenstein (the artist) to a new level.

Oh, and I've made a few more userpics, too; most will be used to visually identify the main idea of the associated entry.

I'm now syndicating the journal in both Atom and RSS. The feeds are available on the sidebar.

Finally, I've submitted Check Six to two blogger groups: the Rocky Top Brigade (for Tennesseans) and MilBlogs (for military members, vets, and their dependents). In addition, I've utilized to enable me to keep track of my favorite non-LJ blogs; you'll find them and a selection of my LJ friends' journals on the sidebar.

Look for a photo album in the near future.

So there it is. How does it look?

Update: Well bloody hell. Off I go advertising my layout and then LiveJournal breaks down and defaults back to the old scheme. It's a system-wide problem, not a localized event. My apologies if you followed my request to look at the new style and found a hideous blue-white-gray mess in its place.

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