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From the Front

LCDR Smash received an E-mail from the father of a Marine in Ramadi, Iraq, relating a telephone call from his son. It's an insightful read into the mind set of an American fighting man in real combat, and is free of mainstream media bias.

Be forewarned, though, that it does contain what might be considered harsh language and insensitive terminology. Welcome to the real world.

OK, I'm up out of my hole---at least for now. Nick called last night. His MAP-3 (Mobile Assault Platoon {replaced the 1980's-90's CAAT that was designed for armor threat vice threat they are facing now}) was brought back for a few hours to refuel/rearm/eat chow and he got a few minutes. What you won't hear on audio-bites " of Falluja/Ramadi still under enemy control..." or from those fat phoney ****s Kennedy and Kerry is this: "Dad, we are kicking the living **** out of those mother****ers."

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