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Change of Scenery

So today three friends and I signed a lease at College Park - University Heights (aka Sterling). It makes my current little place look like a dungeon, and it’s $150 cheaper for me to live there with roommates than to keep enjoying my splendid isolation in Shelbourne Towers. With my car accident last Thursday, the possibility of my insurance premium going up pretty much signed the deal for me. I hope I’ve made the right decision.

Don’t get me wrong--these guys are some of my better friends. But I’m an only child who’s come to enjoy a good deal of privacy this year, and the last thing I want is to be the odd roommate out, so to speak. I think everything will work out; I will miss this place, though, regardless--or maybe especially because--of its odd mint green hallways, the never-ending plumbing problems, the rattling old window A/C unit that can’t quite keep up, the gas stove I’ve never used for fear of an explosion, the lady bug invasion in the summer and the windy windows in the winter, the faded carpet, the inefficient arrangement, the perpetually-smoky stairwells, and especially the window in the shower.

Apartment 308 was the first place I ever had all to myself.

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