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Cadet Smirk
31 January 2005 @ 12:50 am
Baghdad Mayor: Erect Statue of President Bush
Courtesy the New York Post:
January 30, 2005 -- BAGHDAD -- The man replacing the mayor of Baghdad--who was assassinated for his pro-American loyalties--says he is not worried about his ties to Washington.

In fact, he'd like to erect a monument to honor President Bush in the middle of the city.

"We will build a statue for Bush," said Ali Fadel, the former provincial council chairman. "He is the symbol of freedom."


"My life is cheap," Fadel said. "Everything is cheap for my country."


"We have a lot of work and we are especially grateful to the soldiers of the U.S.A. for freeing our country of tyranny," Fadel said.

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