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Cadet Smirk
18 December 2004 @ 02:25 pm
Surprisingly Accurate
Your LJ Christmas Party by cerulean_dreams
First to arriveipardonyou
Made a snowman with a strategically placed carrotgoodnight_opus
Stuck a Candy Cane down their pantsneon_brown
Spiked the eggnogkrangsbody
Knocked over the Christmas Treethe_anti_ghandi
Was ran over by Santa's sleighalcibiades223
Was poisoned after they consumed a poinsettiaflarestorm
Dressed up as Santamostlie_sunnie
Kissed you Under the Mistletoealliemaddyn
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alliemaddynalliemaddyn on December 21st, 2004 01:13 am (UTC)
Hahahahaha! ::smooch smooch::