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Frustrated Yet Apathetic

I'm so frustrated with myself for being so burnt out and tired that I skip massive amounts of class, and then get extremely pissed off at myself when said skippage results in having to scramble to turn in a last minute, half-assed assignment.

I say this even as I prepare to skip another class in favor of a nap.

My classes are nearly worthless this semester. Geography is taught by a ditz (who won't reply to E-mails), geology lectures make me want to shove bamboo under my fingernails, and western civ is best characterized as the traditional names, dates, and events generic history course, lacking entirely in the essential aspects of context and significance, the two qualities of history that brought me to this major in the first place. Anthropology is so abstract its almost mindnumbing, and I leave unsure of what I was really supposed to gather from my leftist professor's rambling, helter skelter presentation style. The anthropology discussions are even worse, as they are simply a forum for the discussion section leaders to expouse their political ideology, even going so far as to challenge my understanding of the Selective Service Administration and the Department of Defense's position on military conscription. But I digress...

The only worthwhile classes this semester have been my Air Force ROTC/Aerospace Studies required class, lab, and physical training sessions, and Music History 120, the history of rock and roll. Yet I still occasionally skip out on a class revolving around listening to music simply because it starts at 0905.


I am officially a college stereotype. Not the guy who slacks yet gets the girl stereotype, mind you, but instead the slacker with a heart of gold who still flunks out in the end anyway tragic stereotype.

Someone inspire me. Please.

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