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Sound Off: The Afterlife

So I'm having a really hard time with Megan's death, as I've already mentioned in moderate detail, with more insight to come probably this Tuesday. I've got spiritual questions nagging at me, and I've asked a few people their own personal opinions--all answers have been varied, yet all insightful.

But, in the words of Pappy O'Daniel, "We ain't one-at-a-timin' here. We're mass communicatin'!" (Bonus points to the first person to reply with the movie that quote's from.) So I've decided to steal a page from LCDR Smash's playbook and invite, encourage, and perhaps offer bribes for people to comment on this entry and answer the following questions, in your own words and reflecting your own beliefs:

1. Assuming one dies and goes to heaven, are they able to "see" or "hear" the goings-on of our world?

2. If so, how can this heaven be perfection and paradise if they can see the evils and horrors of the Earth?

3. Can souls in heaven intercede for us/affect our world?

4. Is heaven the same for everybody, or is it more individualized?

Thanks in advance for your responses, and I'll try to make my next open "sound off" thread a little less melancholy.

Again, I strongly recommend The Lovely Bones: A Novel by Alice Sebold for anybody else facing similar questions and difficulties.

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