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Accept Reality

The sound you hear is the Democratic Party's credibility with the American people plummeting as day dawns and voters wake up to see how ego and disbelief have marred this election.

John Kerry must concede for the good of his party. Even if we accept his campaign's position that 250,000 votes have yet to be counted in the Buckeye State, it still isn't enough to save his dreams of the Presidency. These votes are provisional ballots, given as a just-in-case measures to people who can't be confirmed as registered voters. Historically speaking, less than 20% of provisional ballots prove to be legitimate on later inspection. That leaves 50,000 actual votes (and that's being generous). Assuming all 50,000 voted for Kerry, that's still a far cry from overcoming the President's current 130,000 vote lead in Ohio.

Kerry has little chance of picking up additional states as all the remaining too close to call states are leaning decidedly Bush. And even if he did, an electoral tie leaves voting to the House and Senate. The House, with a bolstered Republican majority, will surely vote to reelect President Bush, and the Senate, likewise padded, will surely vote to reelect Vice President Cheney.

Senator Kerry, there is no the-lawyer-is-mightier-than-the-voter road to victory today. Taking pages from former Vice President's Gore's 2000 playbook will only hurt your credibility as a public figure and your party's hope for any recovery in the midterm elections of 2006.

While you may have had some credibility if the popular vote had gone your way (it didn't, 51% Bush with a raw total breaking the all-time record, surpassing even Ronald Reagan) or if there were indications of major voting irregularities in Ohio (none seen), at this point it's best for you to accept reality, shake hands, say good game, and call this for what it is.

A Bush victory.

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