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My Votes - Part III

This is the last of three entries detailing how I plan to vote on Tuesday. For my pick in the race for the Tennessee Senate's 8th Senatorial District, see this entry. You can read my choice in the U.S. House 2nd Congressional District race, see this entry. Today I'll outline my choice for President and Vice President of the United States:

I can say without hesitation or reservation that President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are the best men for the job. As with all voters, I have a range of issues I consider most important on different levels--important to me personally, to my sense of what's best for the nation, or both. With that in mind, let me outline why I endorse a Bush/Cheney reelection in 2004:

I believe President Bush will strengthen post-secondary education by increasing student financial aid, including offering an enhanced Pell Grant and increasing AmeriCorps Education Awards, reforming student loan limits and disbursement flexibility, and will encourage high school/community college dual enrollment.

I believe President Bush will keep taxes low and reform the tax system by making his tax relief permanent and making the tax code fairer, simpler, and pro-growth.

I believe President Bush will reform health care by establishing new, tax-free Health Savings Accounts, allowing small businesses to establish Association Health Plans, allowing shopping for health coverage across state lines, fighting for medical liability reform, cutting health care fraud and wasteful spending, and implementing prescription drug benefit.

I believe President Bush will continue to help parents keep children safe by promoting abstinence-only education in schools, increasing school drug testing funding, and fighting child pornography and obscenity.

I believe President Bush will continue to support military families by raising base pay, increasing education benefits, expanding military health care, and improving housing. President Bush will likewise improve Veterans Affairs health facilities.

I believe President Bush will strengthen Social Security by offering voluntary personal reitrement accounts.

I believe President Bush will continue to defend American lives and liberties by holding any person or regime that harbors or supports terrorists as guilty of terrorism as the terrorists themselves, by not waiting for new theats to grow and fester, but by facing these new challenges swiftly, surely, and with steely resolve, and by continuing to fight the terrorists abroad rather than facing the consequences at home. The President believes no negotiated peace is possibly with an enemy determined to kill as many Americans as possible, both here and abroad; President Bush will never support a policy of containment, deterrence, or appeasement. President Bush will fight the Global War on Terror on offense, rather than relying solely on a defense when a terrorist attack is already underway.

I believe President Bush will improve intelligence by creating a National Intelligence Director, establishing a National Counterrorism Center, reforming Congressional oversight, and improving and coordinating intelligence reasources.

I believe President Bush will continue to transform of the military by developing a lighter, faster, more lethal force with the best training for future challenges and by restructing overseas forces to use existing manpower more effectively and to more efficiently support servicemen and women and their families.

I believe President Bush will continue to strengthen homeland security by hiring additional U.S. Border Patrol agents, increasing unmanned aerial vehicle flights and remote video surveillance, expanding biometric identification, funding countermeasures against a WMD attack, and renewing the critical provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act so that law enforcement has the tools necessary to defend the country.

I believe President Bush will continue to promote a culture of life by defending the partial-birth abortion band, preventing federal funding for abortion, supporting parental notification in abortions dealing with minors, preventing human cloning, and supporting ethical stem cell research.

I believe President Bush will reform welfare to help recipients achieve independence through work by requiring full-time work activities and supporting healthy marriages and fatherhood.

I believe President Bush will defend marriage by standing by the Defense of Marriage Act and pursuing the ratification of a Federal Marriage Amendment.

Finally, I believe in American exceptionalism, a phrase that describes the ideal that the United States and the American people hold a special place in the world. With a solid foundation on our unique balance of public and private interests governed by constitutional ideals that are focused on personal and economic freedom, I believe our nation represents the greatest opportunity and hope for all humanity. Because we owe our existence to a set of ideals rather than a common heritage, ethnicity, or ruler, to be an American is to be inextricably connected with a love of freedom and equal opportunity, and an understanding of the constant vigilance necessary to protect its inherent fragility. As such, we are obligated, both by our moral sense of right and, in my belief, by divine providence, to promote these ideals abroad for the betterment of all mankind.

The President's opponent believes the opposite of what I do. He envisions America as, at most, a first among equals. The Democratic candidate would have the United States be viewed as no better either morally or institutionally than any other state, nor necessarily the best capable to lead the world--entrusting that special distinction to the committees and councils that comprise the corrupt and discredited United Nations.

With this in mind, we stand at the threshold of American history. We are threatened today by men who cannot be negotiated with, who will never sign a surrender, who will never acquiesce to containment, and who will never accept the logic of deterrence. To paraphrase Samuel P. Huntington, I believe we truly face a clash of civilizations, and the winner of which will pen the next thousand years of human history.

Tomorrow, I believe the issue truly in question is the survival of our way of life as the world's only superpower. A vote for President Bush and Vice President Cheney will be a vote to maintain America's special place in the world, to continue to serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity to all, and to safeguard our special sense of both who we are as a people and what our national purpose is against those who would see us all in orange jumpsuits, all cowed on our knees, and all butchered by the sword.

Tomorrow, I will vote to reelect President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

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