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Ungrateful Women

Every time I ride The T, I habitually give up my seat to a girl if the bus is crowded. Today, with the afternoon rain, the bus was especially full. On my journey from The Hill back to my Andy Holt stop, at least half of all UTK undergrads seemingly crammed aboard this lone East-West bus (physics majors, please explain this phenomenon). So, as usual, when I noticed people using the handholds and rails rather than finding a seat, I stood up and let a girl--brunette, blue eyes, 5'6-ish, cute (though I don't discriminate on the basis of attractiveness)--take my seat. She clearly noted that I did this intentionally, even grinning a little as she sat down in my former spot.

But she didn't say thank you, or even look appreciative. She just looked smug.

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