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Well, crap.

Since classes started this semester, I've been working weekends at the Rack Room in West Town Mall. One of my coworkers there has had my eye for a week or two. She's significantly younger than I am (two years) and a high school senior, but her personality is intoxicating and she's cute to boot. So over the course of two weekends or so, I've reasoned to myself that no harm could really come from getting to know her outside of work. I mean, why not?

So on Sunday I decided to ask her if she wanted to come over to campus for the UT vs. Auburn football game this weekend. She accepted. It was only at that point that I looked into getting her a non-student general admission ticket.

Oh, man. I had no idea that the game was sold out months in advance and that my only chances for getting her a ticket were through surplus sales on Thursday morning or buying from a scalper or game day.

So now I feel like an idiot for not having realized the complexity of this idea, and now I'm scrambling to find a ticket--any non-student ticket.

Anybody out there have an extra? Or know someone who does?


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