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Cadet Smirk
10 September 2004 @ 12:56 pm
All right. Knocked out the geography test with a B-ish grade, I think/hope. Now to retool for the cultural anthropology exam on Monday (which will be much more of a bitch).

In other news, after class with Mary today, she and I walked to the UC. She had planned on getting tickets with her friends, and I was going to meet one of mine there, too. Two of her friends had already given her their IDs, but she was waiting on the third. After about 15 minutes, when neither her nor my friend had shown up, we went into the ticket office.

Moment of truth: does she invite me in with her friends, or let me get mine separately? She gestured for me to throw in my ID right as the ticket agent said, "Are these all together?" I looked at her.

Insert dramatic music.

Insert slow motion bullet cam affect as we pan around to the ticket agent's face looking curious, then to me, trying to hide my anxiousness, and then to Mary, who nonchalantly responds...

"Sure, why not."

SCORE!!! Must hide excitement. Don't let it show. Contain. Breathe.

Whew, okay. The drama is over, we've parted ways for the weekend, but Saturday, 18 September 2004, we have a date.

At Neyland Stadium.

With two or three of her friends. And 109,000 other people.

And Gator fans. Ugh.

Okay, so maybe not so much of a true date. More of a public outing. But that's better than just having class together.

Oh, well. It's progress.

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Mood: excitedexcited
Music: "First Date" by blink-182