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Service Before Self

Yeah, so I'm pissed. Here's the short story as to why: I'm an "Assistant Concessions and Funding Officer," often referred to as the "Junior SNACKO" in verbal brevity shorthand, for my Cadet Wing. I am one of two Junior SNACKOs who report to the actual SNACKO, a junior. Our collective responsibility is to man, train, and operate crews for the UT AFROTC-leased concession stand under Neyland Stadium during home football games. The SNACKO must be present at every game, while we two Junior SNACKOs alternate. We arrive three and a half hours before kickoff and don't leave until well after the game is over.

Man, it sucks. Why me?

Anyway, I had made tentative plans to meet up with Mary after this Sunday's UNLV game and go to an Arnold Air Society party (wherever and whenever it winds up occurring). However, because the other Junior SNACKO (who shall not be named) decided to, and I quote, "find a way out of this one," I'm stuck working the first home game of the season, AND probably missing out on getting to do anything with Mary at all.

So I called her and explained, and thankfully she didn't seem too put off by it. She had already pretty much made plans with friends for this game before I was ever even in the picture, so at least her game day hasn't been totally blown to bits over this as mine has.

We airmen have a set of core values we try to live up to--"Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do." Why is it that I'm stuck being the one to live up to these, while the other guy gets to ditch it? Why must I always be the dutiful one?

Oh, right. Because that's who I am.


(On the upside, Mary did say I should call her when I do get released from the job, and we can see about rendezvousing then. So I guess there is some hope, however miniscule...)

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