November 12th, 2004

Check Six


Man, I just had a fairly good online friend of mine go into great detail about how Iraq is unwinnable, that we're only creating more terrorists, that all the KIAs have died for nothing, and how I'm willingly taking part in an inhumane and illegal new Vietnam that's a waste of American blood.

And it's Veterans Day no less.

His viciforousness doesn't change my opinion or my beliefs, but I wish he could've held off on his tirade for a day. I had school kids thank me and old vets from more popular wars tell me to keep my chin up and give 'em hell, and this guy had to piss on one of the few holidays I actually look forward to?

I wish he would've just said thank you. I'm no war hero, and I don't make any claims to be a veteran, but I'm less than two years from finally pinning on Second Lieutenant and joining the active duty officer corps of the world's greatest air force, an already six-year long series of trials and tribulations, and all this little fuck could tell me was that my colleagues are dying for nothing, and that I'm wrong to support, believe, and willingly partake in the same mission?

To use an Internet-ism, "WTF?"

I don't want to be told I'm a hero, or what a good patriotic boy I've been. I just want people to sincerely appreciate that I'm a stateside version of the same people who are over there. And if our places were switched, and Iraq Veteran Joe walked down the street in this uniform, he'd get the same response.

And that's what discourages me.

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