November 8th, 2004

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Sounds About Right

You Are a Religious Republican

You make up the conservative, Christian, dedicated core of the Republican Party.

You believe it's important for religious people to stand up for their beliefs in politics.

And for you, this means voting your conscience - which almost always means voting Republican.

Your pet causes include the sanctity of life, school vouchers, and prayer in school.

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I've Been Facebooked

Okay, so a friend of mine at Boston University clued me in to in June, but I forgot all about it until another friend at Arizona mentioned it last week. So, after much delay, I've signed up. Does anybody else out there use it? If so, leave and comment and then facebook me.

I'm still not sure how this all works, but whatever.

P.S. Wow, I suck. My only friend is Smokey IX. Not to diss the Smokemeister, but it'd be swell to pick up some human friends, too. C'mon people, sign up.

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I've Lost My Touch

Once upon a time it was the night before the start of my sophomore year of high school. As with all honors English classes, I had summer reading to complete by that first day. And, as with all honors English classes, I procrastinated as long as possible. That night, however, was my record. I wrote all 28 pages of the various assignments between 2200 and 0400 the next morning. That's just over four and a half pages per hour, not to mention flipping through books and whatnot. I got an A on every assignment, and one was even photocopied to be used as an example for the next year's class.

And last night and this morning I spent 15 hours on barely five pages. Of course, writing a critical discussion of William Manchester's A World Lit Only by Fire with a focus on disputing the author's assertion that Ferdinand Magellan was a "creature of his time" (early 1500s) is slightly more difficult than an "Othello" response journal or the other literary drool I churned out back then.

But still. 15 freakin' hours.

Where did my mad skillz go?

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Phantom Fury


Multinational forces are now executing the initial maneuvers of Operation PHANTOM FURY. American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are engaged with Iraqi National Guard soldiers and commandos in pacifying the terrorist-dominated city of Fallujah. Multinational forces from both U.S. Armed Forces and the Iraqi National Guard total approximately 15,000. Enemy opposition is estimated to be between 3,000 and 4,000 terrorist insurgents.

A military spokesman estimated that 42 insurgents were killed across Fallujah in the opening round of attacks.

Western districts of Fallujah were penetrated by Iraqi National Guard forces late last night, successfully seizing two strategic bridges and the city hospital. This followed weeks of aerial bombardment by U.S. aircraft.

Separately, militants attacked a Catholic church in southern Baghdad, setting it ablaze, according to police and eyewitnesses.

The assault on the city is an attempt to regain control of the city from insurgents in preparation for national elections scheduled for January 2005. Nearly two-thirds of the city's population was estimated to have fled leaving about 100,000 civilians.

Prior to the commencement of the operation, Prime Minister Ayad Allawi declared a state of emergency across Iraq, except for the Kurdish area, as violence flared in anticipation of the assault on Fallujah. The city itself had already been encircled with checkpoints at areas to leave the city. Attempts had been made by the Interim Iraqi Government to negotiate with representatives from Fallujah to eject foreign fighters suspected to be in the city. These, however, proved unfruitful and led Allawi to authorize the military operation.

Glad this is finally happening--it's been a long time coming. God bless the troops; they'll finish the job.

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