April 13th, 2004

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It's the little things...

So I get up--reluctantly--and trudge across a cold room and a cold floor to the shower. Ah, the shower. Warmth. Heat. Relaxation. Solitude. Peacefulness. A few moments of bliss in an already wearisome day.

But, no. Not today. No hot water for me. Not at 0507 on a Tuesday morning. Nor is it hot at 0510. Or 0512. So I suffer through a quick and irritating shower, emerging colder still without my warmth, heat, relaxation, solitude, peacefulness, or momentary bliss. That, my friends, is an early morning Big Orange screw. Thanks, North Carrick.

So much for making my first real post deep and meaningful. Oh well. Off to work out.

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Check Six

Extremist professors

WorldNetDaily is following two more examples of the radical left that infests college academia. The first story follows a treasonous UCB professor at an anti-war rally:

A University of California at Berkeley lecturer speaking at an anti-war rally Saturday called for a Palestinian-style intifada, or uprising, against the United States in response to American actions in the Middle East.
The second story tells of an Egyptian professor at the American University of Cairo who preaches 9/11 conspiracy theories:

There is "no conclusive proof" Arabs and Muslims were behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and the U.S. itself may be responsible, asserts an Egyptian professor at American University of Cairo.
Fellow students take note, for your professors do not necessarily speak the truth simply by virtue of a fancy document hanging from their office
walls. They can have political agendas, too, and sometimes they're simply subversives hiding in the guise of intellectuals.

Check out Campus Watch and NoIndoctrination.org to find out more about this widespread abuse of instructional authority.

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Soliciting ideas

Right. So I've got to write a paper tonight for my Biology 102 lab tomorrow afternoon. It's one of those generic choose-your-own-scientifically-significant-topic papers, so it shouldn't be too much work. Nonetheless, I'm not too gung ho to start on it.

In fact, I've got nothing. I need a topic. Any ideas?

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