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Cadet Smirk
14 April 2004 @ 07:02 pm
Gute Nachrichten!
The subject is a rough German translation of "good news." Why German and not my alma lingua, the language of the Caesars and the Popes? In honor of one of my two newest friends, that's why.

You see, my aggressive propaganda has succeeded in suckering Jason (a notorious Nazi killer and honoree of my use of German) and Abby into joining the LiveJournal blogosphere. Welcome, victims.

And in even better gute nachrichten, I have no class this Friday. My only class, Classics 252 - Intermediate Latin: Virgil's Aeneid, is cancelled by virtue of my magister going out of town for some Latin convention or something. Linguas Latinas conventus amo.

So, since I have no reason to be here after class Thursday, I'm actually going to go back home and stay for the whole weekend. Unheard of, I know, but true nonetheless. So to all my hometown buddies that I've neglected in favor of college and the military, now's the time to prepare to roll my house and prank call me. Or, y'know, you can contact me if you wanna hang out.

(Attention Females: I will be the sole occupant of my domicile from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. Now's your best chance to snag me without worrying about a roommate barging in on ... our diligent studying and innocent board game-playing, of course.)

In other news, I completed my Biology 102 lab paper with just seconds to spare. If anyone wants a B- article review and essay on alcoholism and genetics, just ask.

And finally, here's a hearty welcome to my newest readers. Feel free to come back often and leave lots of inspiring/sarcastic/witty/insulting/random comments, or even create your own journal. It's addictive, but that's part of the fun.

Sarah, too, has decided to create a blog. Welcome aboard, Sarah.

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Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Music: "Homeward Bound" by Simon and Garfunkel
krangsbodykrangsbody on April 14th, 2004 11:27 pm (UTC)

Everyone should buy MOH and play multiplayer, so that I may smite thou.

Comment comment.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one that's been suckered.
christacarol on April 17th, 2004 06:17 am (UTC)
Alone in dorm, eh? *shakes her head* naughty boy, innocent board playing my ass. =P

Look foward to being nosey and reading everyone's crap. ;)