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Cadet Smirk
25 June 2004 @ 07:05 am
Off we go into the wild blue yonder...
Give me a ticket for an aeroplane
Ain't got time to take a fast train
Lonely days are gone I'm a going home
-- "The Letter" by W. C. Thompson

Leaving my operational location today bound for home. Once I'm there, operational security will allow me to publicly disclose what I've been up to this whole time. So check back in a day or two when I've had time to recoup and collect my thoughts and organize my experiences. Lots of good stories to tell, as always.

I'll be airborne from around 1100 to 1600 local. I'll try and post a note when I'm wheels-down for good, just in case anybody worries over friends traveling by air or something.

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Mood: happyhappy
Music: "The Letter" by W. C. Thompson