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Two Down, Three to Go

I took my western civ exam Monday and my biology monster yesterday. The bio prof, besides being a lichen-hugging hippy Deaniac-type, was cool enough to post the answer key online today. So, being a nerdtacular geek and needing reassurance that I wasn't suxoring up my finals, I graded mine. 80% is good enough. No idea on the western civ beast--I'm hoping for a B there, too.

Today, in 45 minutes, I'll be taking my Latin final. That exam will be my poorest showing, and that class will undoubtedly be my lowest grade. I'm hoping and praying for a C. Later today, at 1700, I'll be sitting down to my poli sci exam, one that I'm cautiously optimistic about. After that, the pressure eases, the cramming winds down, and I do some reviewing for the AFROTC final tomorrow. No sweat.

Also gotta start packing and cleaning--checking out and heading home tomorrow. Yeehaw.

Wish me luck on the exams. Now. Do it. Comment! COMMENT!

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